Legal consultation

Lamkho comprises of two shareholders whose roots are well founded in the law. We are in essence a legal consultancy company notwithstanding the fact that both holders are admitted advocates. One of the shareholders holds a qualification specifically targeted at labour law, being a diploma in labour law. Both holders completed their degrees in law with advanced labour law as an elective course.

One of the holders is a practicing advocate and a member of the General Counsel of the Bar of South Africa. Her practice also encompasses amongst other fields of law labour law, administrative law, criminal law, delictual civil claims, municipal law, law of contract.

Both holders have right of appearance in the higher courts of South Africa and are in good standing with the Legal Practice counsel

The Holding is able to supply client with the following services

  • Drafting of legal opinion
  • Drafting of memorandum
  • Drafting of advice on evidence
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Court proceedings and litigation

Lamkho is able to enlist the services of senior counsel where necessary on any legal matter