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Lamkho Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a legal consultancy company based in the Republic of South Africa, and known after its high-end solutions in consultancy and legal services. Our clients, both local and national achieve their desired results through our legal assistance and aquire additional benefits within the same institutional framework.  Lamkho Holdings is a company established to provide the most high-quality legal services to its clients.

We realize that nowadays advising clients means not only to possess the respective legal knowledge and communicative abilities, but also the understanding the business environment in which our clients operate. Precisely for reaching this purpose, the team of Lamkho Holdings, with a view for providing complete and high-quality services to its clients, aims to understand their specific issue.

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Legal Consultation

Lamkho comprises of two shareholders whose roots are well founded in the law. We are in essence a legal consultancy company notwithstanding the fact that both holders are admitted advocates. One of the shareholders holds a qualification specifically targeted at labour law, being a diploma in labour law. Both holders completed their degrees in law with advanced labour law as an elective course.


debt collection

Although the holding is not a law firm in itself, the holding has the capacity to successfully run debt collections.

The holding is well versed with the Nation Credit Act and procedures to be followed for the institution of legal proceedings for the purpose of claiming monies owed. The holders have extensive knowledge in the court systems and are able to conduct trials on the instructions of client