About Us


about us

We Are The Best.

Lamkho Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a legal consultancy company based in the Republic of South Africa, and known after its high-end solutions in consultancy and legal services. Our clients, both local and national achieve their desired results through our legal assistance and aquire additional benefits within the same institutional framework.  Lamkho Holdings is a company established to provide the most high-quality legal services to its clients.

We realize that nowadays advising clients means not only to possess the respective legal knowledge and communicative abilities, but also the understanding the business environment in which our clients operate. Precisely for reaching this purpose, the team of Lamkho Holdings, with a view for providing complete and high-quality services to its clients, aims to understand their specific issue.

Lamkho Holdings provides an innovative and diverse method of legal service. Our services include deep a analysis of each particular case with minimal involvement from client for a timely and financially reasonable result, which has an essential significance for our clients. During the work process of Lamkho Holdings’ team a compulsory condition is the complete and strict observation of the confidentiality principal.

Our success is based on unprecedented accumulated experience in dealing with legal issues through mediation negotiations, arbitration and litigation available to our clients to answer all inquiries and provide high-quality services in order to meet client’s interests and building a strong and a long-term relationship. Our priority in providing legal services is a guaranty of protection the legitimacy and quality of client’s rights and interests.



  • Our vision is to achieve objectives while adhering to the core values of honour, integrity, impartiality, objectivity, honesty and credibility.
  • We strive hard to defend the honour of our profession by adopting the highest degree of professionalism, craftsmanship and the preservation of our much valued client confidential information.
  • We also communicate the latest developments regarding their issues and help them to choose the best available options.
  • Our value added services make us the top choice for everyone looking for legal services.
  • To be the most reliable and respected labour consultancy practice in South Africa amongst other legal disciplines.

Our Mission

  • To lead the voice of truth in dealing with all sorts of legal consultancy issues by maximum utilization of our knowledge and experience.
  • Achieving the aspirations and interests of our customers and meeting all their requirements and needs.
  • We provide special services living up to the best global practices and achieving customer satisfaction. Our high standard services help us to meet our objective of becoming a role model in achieving fair justice and a model of integrity, transparency, loyalty and provide the best legal services with high quality.


Our foundational philosophy is built upon the 3 core values. We believe that these values give Lamkho Holdings a competitive advantage over other legal practitioners. The main goal is client retention and the establishment of long term business relationships.

core values

  1. Capable of being relied on; dependable.
  2. Yielding the same or compatible results in different scenarios.
  1. Full command or understanding of a subject;
  2. Outstanding skill, expertise;
  3. The power of command; control;
  4. Victory or Superiority
  1. Firm conviction that something is the case;
  2. The quality of being reliably true;
  3. A general air of confidence.