Debt Collection


debt collection

Although the holding is not a law firm in itself, the holding has the capacity to successfully run debt collections.

The holding is well versed with the Nation Credit Act and procedures to be followed for the institution of legal proceedings for the purpose of claiming monies owed.

The holders have extensive knowledge in the court systems and are able to conduct trials on the instructions of client.


What makes us different?

Our process is optimised by our collection strategy, timing of action, the different kinds technology we employ, our tracing abilities, qualified and trained call centre staff lead by a well-qualified and experienced management team.

Lamkho is partnered with incredible law firms that we oversees with the debt collection process in order to achieve optimal results in the most cost effective manner.

We initiate our debt collection through a mini call centre established within the lawfirms have the firms agree on payment plans with the debtors.

Should the debtor fail to act in accordance with the agreement we then oversee the process of issuance of papers for the purposes of litigation in order to obtain relief through the court system.

Lamkho places its focus primarily on collections specific to the business sectors.

We have in house attorneys. Litigation is available to Lamkho clients at affordable rates in the event of unsuccessful collection efforts

Timing of collection efforts, types of collection efforts, accuracy of tracing bureaus, business software, payment options for debtors, experienced call centre agents and knowledgeable management results in optimal efficiency in the collection industry.

We understand perfectly well that as a client you might not want to simply hand over all future debts to Lamkho. Our agreement does not limit you to Lamkho only thus affording you the opportunity to put us to the test. Should we not impress, simply don’t hand over again.

We have an integrated automated tracing module in our debt recovery cycle. (Transunion, Experian, and Smart Bureau)